Automated Horse Racing Betting Picks Strategies With High Win Rate


The main reasons why people do not participate in the horse race are that they do not understand the various bets available. Many people look at their chances for each race and see a foreign language. Today we go through all common varieties.

Winning, placing and showing bets are some of the simplest horse races you can do. With every bet you choose a horse and if you are in the right position you win! If you hit a horse to win, they must win the race to win your bet. It is so easy.

A Place game is a bet in which a horse ends first or second. You will not receive extra money for a better result. If your horse takes first or second place, you win your bet. At a show you choose a horse and if you are placed in one of the three best places, you win your bet.

If you want to know more about these three types of insert, click on the link below for a complete breakdown.

Below are the different types of exotic games available to you.

A Quinella bet is a bet on two horses in the same race to reach first or second place. It does not matter which of your two horses comes first and that takes seconds to get into the first two places.

An exact bet is similar to a Quinella bet, unless it does not matter in what order the horses are done. You decide which of your horses will come first and that takes seconds. As long as they end in the exact order, you will be a winner.

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