Barcelona Beat Inter Milan To Take Big Rotation

On Tuesday night’s Barcelona away game against Inter, Valverde will implement a large rotation for the team, and against Inter will be a young, bench-based team. The first is the goalkeeper position, Ter Stegen will have a rest and Neto will stage his first show.

The most interesting thing is that Barcelona’s top star Messi stayed in Barcelona and did not travel with the team. In addition, Pique and Roberto did not follow Barcelona to Milan. Following Barcelona’s key games against Real Madrid and Real vs. Real Madrid, Valverde must give the main players in the team a full rest. In the last two seasons of the Champions League, Messi played on the bench and played for half an hour, this time he simply did not follow the team.

At the press conference before the game, many reporters asked Messi’s absence. In response, Barcelona coach Valverde said: “Last year we went to Milan, Messi entered the roster, but did not enter the roster, and then 3 days later he participated in the match against Betis. We know that Messi is Who, what does his absence mean, but we also have some games where he did not play, Barcelona played well, of course, there are some games Messi did not play, we did not play well. We know the fear he can bring to opponents , But he did not play in the two games against Inter last season. ”

Regardless, Barcelona have already qualified first in the group in the Champions League, so they have the right to decide how to play against Inter. The group’s second battle is still ongoing, but it is no longer Barcelona’s matter, they can consider rotating the lineup. Although some of the main players will go with the team, they may not start or play the full court.