Horse Racing Betting Tips And Predictions To Make Lots Of Cash

Tips and forecasts for horse racing and forecasts make a lot of money

The cathedral is the Happy Valley Racecourse, whose oval grass track and illuminated booths are surrounded by some of the sport’s most spectacular views at night: neon skyscrapers and stacks of tall buildings, a constellation of lighted windows and behind them green hills.

The bet is a bit like a trifect of Trifektas; The first three horses must predict the players in three different rounds in any order.

If nobody decides correctly, the prize money will be transferred to the next round. On this sweet November night the pot was not used six times. About one million people placed a bet, which corresponds to one of seven city dwellers.

On the ground floor of Happy Valley, young women in beer tents have handed jugs to laughing expats, while the Chinese in the area, for whom gambling is a serious business, have confiscated race records and looked at the handrails.

At the start whistle, the announcer’s voice sounded through the speakers: in the final stages of the Triple Trio, he screamed with an Australian accent, and off you go!

When the peloton thundered in the last corner, two horses were muscling ahead. The mascot has a lead, but Bobo Duck kills him, the announcer said, the voice rising.

Across the street from Happy Valley on two floors, two Americans were sitting in a spacious office, ignoring the live broadcast of the action, which was silently on a television screen. The only sound was the hum of a dozen computers.

We can not collect that – can we? Asked he. It would be unsportsmanlike. We would feel bad.

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