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Latest tips, predictions and analyzes from Paris to horse races

Mr Coladonato agreed that this was not possible. At a nearby table, pink grapes were placed in a neat pile. The two men sorted them and isolated three leaflets with the 36 paylines. They have been looking at the pieces of paper for a long time.

The reason is mainly that I am naturally uncomfortable.

He added: None of us would like to encourage more people to join the game!

In October, however, he accepted a series of interviews at his office in downtown Pittsburgh.

The tastefully decorated room – the top two floors of a Carnegie Steel era building – is fitted with 4 foot tall Chinese vases and a marble fireplace, offering uninterrupted views of the Monongahela River and the river past freight trains.

Mr. Benter, 61, is slightly inclined. He looks like a university professor with wavy hair and a gray-striped beard and speaks a gentle, slightly Kermitan voice.

He told me that he was only partially deprived – and I thought so. With his intelligence, he could have enriched himself faster in the financial sector.

Mr. Benter wanted to win horse betting, not because it was difficult, but because it was impossible. When he cracked, he actively avoided applause outside the secret group of geeks and outsiders occupying his favorite field.

Some of the following is based on his memories, but in all cases where events and numbers could be confirmed, they were verified in interviews with dozens of people, as well as in books and processes, and other documents.

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