NBA, WNBA Score Predictions Betting Sites With Exact Strategies


To help you get started, we break down the most popular and understandable NBA game types below. Make sure you take the time to read each of them and figure out how they work in your betting strategy. Remember, you do not need to use all these bets.

Many professional NBA sports betting players will only use one or two bets, but will still smash books. They prefer to keep it simple and use the method that suits them. We recommend that you do this.

This is an analogy. Remember when you played basketball with your brother or a child who grew up on the street? If you play directly, it’s unfair, so they will find that you have a few points to try and solve the problem yourself.

This is similar to what happens to a bet. Sports betting determines how many points they think the team will win or lose and put it as a line. If you play a team and they perform better than that line, you win. Let’s take a look at a real-world example of the NBA.

If you prefer to simplify things and only focus on whether the team wins, money bets will be more consistent with your style.

Money betting is a bet on which team wins the game. If the team you win wins you win. If they lose, you lose. As we said before, sports bets must take steps to ensure that they get the best amount possible on both sides of the game. By bet they can change the number of points that the team will win or lose.

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