Tips, Strategies, Race News & Analysis For Horse Racing Betting

Tips, strategies, news and race analysis for horse racing

I was at the peak of my pioneering career back then, feeling almost invincible.

After a few weeks of celibacy, I thought that if I was a horse-reading genius, it would only take me a day or two to become a canine expert!

It was one of the most arrogant, stupid, and expensive ideas I’ve had, and I was amazed how much I could lose with a 12-race card in Walthamstow.

It was absolutely fantastic to be in Leopardstown last weekend to spend my first time on the new RacingTV. It was great to be in a Parisian circle where everyone was there to bet, and not just to drink something that is often the case in England nowadays.

Note that the rugby result may have postponed the festivities last Sunday.

Annie Power has shown me that if a mare is a superior class, nothing can grant her that permission.

The way Sir Erec jumped after crossing all the youthful hurdles makes me think he might be the next Istabraq.

He was stunning and hit much harder than his teammate when he was sent to Cheltenham. A double banker for me.

I hope I have warned readers that I’m not an expert in Irish racing. Take the following tips with care.

However, he missed the short time in which the shipyard of Gordon Elliott was in a lull, which could work in his favor. Two more stages will suit him because he was fine last time.

Horse races are similar to a Hong Kong religion whose citizens are betting more than anyone else on earth.

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